The Battle is over and have the Beauticians bonded? includes channel 5 mynbc video

So does this mean they are now friends?

I stopped into  Diane's Casual Cuts last Friday to see for myself what the Battle of the Beauticians is all about.  I knew it was between her and Andrea's Hair Studio, and I planned on visiting both today . As I was walking down the hall toward Diane's entrance door, I  thought I was actually in Dan and Whit's for a moment. These photo's on the walls are the reason why. I also witnessed a  mynbcchannel 5 news team interview of this event. See video below

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Here is the video

This was the unofficial battle cry announcement that brought me there

Entrance to Diane's or the ice cream window? Who Knew

To see it is to believe it

We all know that saying

Dan on the left and Dan on the right

Dan and Whit's photos

Join us it says and 1 % is all it takes

A section of the store

Dan and the Snowman and Angel brigade

This is why we do this

And the reason for the season

And I finally get into Diane's Salon and there is the ice cream stand but no ice cream

I see wine but no Salon equipment  and you see me just back from my crossing guard job. (No! I didn't have any wine)

And the coffee station (that is what I need after a cold morning) and that is what I had

Here they are at Diane's (Diane and Laura)

Dianne and Laura waving to passing traffic as I head over to Andrea's Salon

Entrance to Andrea's  (Hello Dahling)

Andrea and her crew

I took some info from Dan's Post in the List Serve on Saturday to give you an update on the amount raised.

A whopping $ 22,000.00 not bad for a days work. See below post:

35. The Beauticians
From: Dan Fraser <>
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 11:41:51 -0500


Friday was the Battle of the Beauticians - the competition between Diane's
Casual Cuts and Andrea's Hair Studio.  All the hairdressers dressed up and
customers stopped by all day voting on their favorite outfits my making

This was the fifth year of this friendly competition. It has always been a
competition to see who can raise the most money. This year, however
something rather magical happened.  When it came time to count the money,
Sally said- what if we just dump all the money together and then count it.
Everyone agreed, and it was so in keeping with the spirit of The 19 Days-
everyone working together.  From here on out- this event will be noted as
The BONDING of the Beauticians.
As the counting continued, the $2,0000.00, $1000.00, $500,00, $100.00
checks were there and equally important were the $10.00, $5.00 and $1.00
bills, every donation has an impact.  The money was counted and the
resulting total- are you ready for this:
And a true reflection of the dedication of these selfless ladies-
Diane,Laura, Andrea, Sally and Kara
Each shop donated $6.00 to bring the grand total to exactly $22,000.00!
Who knew!   And remember all of this will be doubled by the Byrne

In Diane's shop there is a sign that reads:
I am a beautician, not a magician
I beg to differ- they certainly created some magic for The Haven!

Thank you to all who donated and especially to both Diane's and Andrea's
for one of the most exciting and fun events during The 19 Days.

Thanks for keeping it local,


Angels, and who is that guy?

Ah yes My Logo!

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