Worth Knowing: The Christmas Mystery performance at Rollins Chapel TOMORROW

Please come to The Christmas Mystery at Rollins Chapel in Hanover, NH on December 16, 2018 at either 4 pm or 5 p.m. (late arrivals will not be seated). All are welcome! This event is free and open to the public.

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What The Mystery is: This choral retelling of the Nativity story features Hanover High School senior girls playing the roles of angels, senior boys as shepherds, and local men lending their voices as elder shepherds, the wise men and Joseph. The identity of Mary is a mystery until the performance. She is a member of the previous year’s graduating class, and is chosen by a secret vote of her angel group.

Celebrating 102 years, the Christmas Mystery is one of the longest-running pageants in the country. A highlight of the pageant is the performance of We Three Kings, when the kings arrive with an adorable page in tow and present their gifts at the manger. Audience members can bring new gifts for local children which will be donated to the Upper Valley Haven and Listen.

The Christmas Mystery performance itself is supported by voluntary donations that may be made upon leaving the chapel.

It's an Upper Valley tradition beloved by many. If you haven't been to The Christmas Mystery, think about going. This Sunday there will be two performances of The Christmas Mystery at 4 pm & 5 pm in Rollins Chapel in Hanover. 

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