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Upper Valley Community Members Share What They Are Grateful For

On Tuesday I asked our community to share what they were grateful for. 

Why did I do this? Well lately - I personally have been doing this. Everyday I write down 3 things I am grateful for. It helps me stay grounded. It helps ward off my anxiety. And - it makes me feel good. 

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I’m really thankful to the people who wrote in to share what they are grateful for. Reading responses brought a smile to my face - and I hope it brings one to yours, too. 


“I am grateful for the community of White River Junction and all of the wonderful people, places, and things that moving there has introduced me to. My life has become such a delightful adventure since we came here and I am eternally grateful for the people who offered us the opportunity to relocate to this lovely village.” 


“I am grateful for the Norwich Bookstore for providing a hub for readers in the Upper Valley, for bringing authors to talk about their work, and for sharing their success via their Book Angels program with children in the community who are hungry for books.” 


"I'm grateful for the hard working people who plow, sand and salt our roads!" 


“Last Christmas day I would have been alone for the first time in 60 years and was dreading it. The Sacred Heart Church's Christmas dinner in Lebanon had needed volunteers, and I walked in cold. Literally! Remember the blizzard?? I knew it wouldn't be good if I just stayed home. They put me to work filling boxes for the delivery routes, and then made me a table captain. My job description was this: don't get up, and make sure everyone talks. I was surrounded by hundreds of friendly people. It was a blessed part of a very difficult day. And I am grateful!”


“I’m grateful for all the people who create and maintain trails around the Upper Valley. I’m talking hiking trails and cross-country skiing trails. Mountain-biking trails, walking trails, meandering trails. Tiny little things like the cut-through from the tail end of Fairview Terrace in WRJ up to Forest Hills Ave. Really big things, like Bob Green and his crew in Lyme/Dorchester who bring so much exhilaration and joy and perfectly timed hot chocolate to nordic skiers from — well, too many places these days, but go early on a Sunday morning after a fresh snow and you know what paradise is. Masterful things, like pretty much everything John Morton has ever designed. Roll-up-your-sleeves things, like the Upper Valley Trails Alliance and the trails committees in the towns around the Upper Valley, who make it possible for plain folks to get awestruck on a regular basis. Generous, only-here things like the skating trail on Lake Morey and the DOC trails up Mt. Moosilauke (okay, a little outside the UV, but you can get there from here) and the people who maintain the Cross-Rivendell Trail, especially up Cube. 

To all of you: Thank you. See you there, whatever the season.” 


Want to share what you are grateful for? Go for it! 

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