White River Junction man who broke both eye sockets in jail last week ordered held without bail

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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A White River man who broke both of his eye sockets last week when he fell off the top bunk onto the concrete floor of the Springfield jail was ordered held without bail on Tuesday.

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    Ryan Deschaux, 34, pleaded innocent to three misdemeanor counts of violating court-ordered conditions of release in connection with his arrest last week after police discovered him sitting in a car with his ex-girlfriend and a case of alcohol in Ratcliff Park.

    Back in October, Deschaux had pleaded innocent to a felony count of first degree aggravated domestic assault and to an accompanying misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

    At the time, Deschaux’s girlfriend reported that he’d followed her out onto South Main Street following an alcohol-fueled argument and allegedly placed her in a chokehold to the point she couldn’t breathe while her 11-year-old daughter fought with Deschaux to try and save her, according to an affidavit filed with the court.

    Judge Timothy Tomasi agreed to release Deschaux into the custody of his sister under strict “no alcohol” and “no contact” conditions while his case was pending; however, Hartford police said that when they discovered Deschaux last week in the car with his girlfriend he claimed he thought the case had been dropped.

    Probation officers asked that the court revoke Deschaux’s bail, citing what they described as “decades long struggle with alcohol” on his part; however, it was unclear what, if any, role that may have played in the mishap at the jail that landed Deschaux in the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for nearly three days last week before he was returned to the correctional facility.  

    During Tuesday’s hearing Deschaux’s defense attorney, Robert Lees, told the court that Deschaux will require more surgery in the future due to his injuries.

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