I dare you - to spread some cheer

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It’s that time of year. You know that time of year when everything is supposed to be wonderful… but it’s also INCREDIBLY stressful? 

Since it’s that time of year - I’m asking you, you wonderful Upper Valley residents, to help spread some cheer. Yes, generally Missed Connections are for well - connecting. But, what if we did things a little differently this week?

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What if we all share someone, something, someplace that we are all super grateful for? 

Here: I’ll go first. 

I’m grateful for Babe’s Bar in Bethel. It’s kind of silly because I haven’t even stopped in yet. I know. I know. I need to. Anyway, why am I grateful for a place I haven’t even gone into yet? Because from what I’ve heard, and read, I think they are bringing communities together in a really simple and beautiful way. A few of my friends have commented on how needed Babes was. 

So I am thankful for the local businesses around the UV making our communities stronger. Keep doing what you’re doing. 

Alright. You’re turn. Email me at missedconnectionsuv@gmail.com with what you’re grateful for. 

-  AM 


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