Worth Knowing: Dartmouth President among highest paid private college presidents in U.S.

Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published a list of the highest paid presidents at private colleges in the U.S., and Dartmouth's President Phil Hanlon is among them. The Chronicle reports that Hanlon received compensation in 2016 of $1,164,885, which is comprised of a base salary of $968,386 and benefits worth $134,912. This places him in the 44th highest paid position from data that includes a review of compensation for chief executives at more than 500 private colleges.

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While this may seem like a lot of money (it is!!!!!), The Chronicle also provided a comparison of Hanlon's pay to presidents at 10 "similar" institutions including Northwestern University, Georgetown University, Brown University and Tufts University. When compared to these institutions, Hanlon's compensation was lower than that of 5 presidents and higher than 5. The Chronicle also noted that Hanlon received less compensation that Dartmouth College Professor Elizabeth Teisberg ($1,661,660) and Chief Financial Officer Pam Peedin ($1,449,667).

Conversely, Hanlon received a significantly higher amount of compensation than University of New Hampshire's President Mark Huddleston ($531,538) and University of New England's President Danielle N. Ripich ($443,856).

You an read The Chronicle article here.

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