December: Believe and Trust that Less is More

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Erin McCabe

As time continues to tick by this month, we might be realizing how close we are to the end of the year and the full-on swing of the holiday season. This realization might be increasing your stress or leading to a feeling of "how can I get everything done?" Instead of trying to do it all, and then some, I invite you to believe and trust that less is more; that you can say no and things will be okay, that even just a few minutes of cleaning, organizing or moving is worth it, and that just one cookie or one drink can be satisfying enough.

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How else can you practice less is more? Some ideas I have are:

  • Working out for less time - less soreness = more recovery
  • Having a smaller holiday gathering - less guests = more time with those guests there
  • Saying no to doing one more thing - less doing = more space
  • Cooking a one pot meal for dinner - less dishes = more time to relax

Most often, the hardest part of this process is trusting and believing that doing less will feel better or allow us to feel more present. In a society where a huge to-do list or constantly being tired can seemingly increase our bragging rights, doing less can seem backwards, but I encourage you to try it and just see if you feel a little happier this holiday season. This is the month for believing, trusting and hoping after all, right?

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