Worth Knowing: Where to learn patchwork quilting on December 16

Submitted a month ago

The Upper Valley Food Coop is offering a patchwork quilting class on Saturday December 16 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. In this class you'll practice your machine sewing skills and learn some quilting basics while making a festive Christmas bauble pillow. Students will have an opportunity to practice their machine sewing skills and will gain experience in many aspects of machine piecing simple a simple quilt block including: rotary cutting, pinning, sewing with a ¼" seam, and pressing.Learn more about this lesson, register, and pay for class by following this link:  http://uppervalleyfood.coop/calendar-event/sew-op-bauble-pillow-case/

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Happy quilting! 

Questions? Call Jen Sarne at 802-295-5804

Upper Valley Food Coop, 193 North Main Street, White River Junction VT 05001

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