Source: WPTZ.

Man Protests Westford, VT Local Government With Massive Middle Finger Sculpture

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A  man spent $4,000 on a massive wood sculpture of a middle finger off Vermont Route 128 in Westford, VT to protest his local government.

TV stories blur the image but the Caledonian Record published a complete photo. 


According to the news story, Man protests town with massive middle finger sculpture, Ted Pelkey says "he's been in a long-running dispute with town officials over whether he can develop his property and move his truck repair and recycling business there. Pelkey says he hopes his sculpture encourages others to take a long look at who is running the town."

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VTrans says the sculpture constitutes public art. 

Television stations WCAX  and WPTZ ran video segments on the story here and here

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POSTED: 12.07.2018 


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