Upper Valley Missed Connections - December 7th

Sound familiar, anyone?

“You were at the Upper Valley Food Coop on Wednesday night - While you had your eyes on the chocolate section - I had my eyes on you. Flannel wearing mister with the dark brown hair and yellow beanie - I hope you know you are admired.”

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"You were the blonde women with glasses with the baton at the Red Dress Party at the Engine Room in WRJ.  I was the guy with the LED wand and the red hat.  I wanted to invite you to join the local flow arts group but lost track of you at the event.  If you're interested, look us up on Facebook. We're Upper Valley Flowmies"

“We’ve met a couple of times at chamber events. I think you are amazing. Keep doing you, lady in blue.”

“Tuesday night in Hanover you held the door for me as I was going into the Skinny Pancake. I think you’re a cool human - guy with the jean jacket.”

Got a missed connection? Email it to missedconnectionsuv@gmail.com. I will publish them every Friday morning. Good vibes only! 



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