Hartford man sentenced for firing shot off during child custody dispute

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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A Hartford man who fired a shot near a moving car occupied by two adults and a 7-year-old boy following an argument over child custody will spend at least the next year in jail under the terms of a plea deal that was concluded recently.

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    Joshua Kendall, 30, of Hartford pled guilty late last month to a felony count of first degree aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon as well as to an accompanying misdemeanor count of having been a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

       The incident took place late on the afternoon of Saturday, July 28th at the home of a relative of Kendall’s which sits above Route 14 near the Connecticut Valley Auto Auction.

    Witnesses said that Kendall became enraged when his ex-wife stopped by to drop off their child and told Kendall that she was planning to seek permanent custody.

    Kendall allegedly pulled a small .25 caliber semi-automatic pistol out of a drawer while the child was in the room and made verbal threats to shoot her.  As others in the house made moves to intervene, according to one of the witnesses, Kendall’s ex-wife came out of the house, “and told her boyfriend ‘Let’s go!’”

    “They hopped in the car.  Josh came out with the pistol and told them to get out of his property,” the witness continued.  “They backed the car up and started down the hill.  Josh came onto the porch and was yelling.  He lifted his hand up with the gun in it, pointed down the hill near their car and pulled the trigger.”

    Family members said several adults and four children were at the house or out on the lawn when Kendall fired off the shot.  A friend of Kendall’s immediately took the pistol away from him and left the property, according to police who said the friend later turned the gun over to the police department.

    Hartford Police Officer Dan Solomita wrote that Kendall admitted to police that he had made a threat and that he had fired the gun into the ground as his ex-wife and her boyfriend were leaving, “saying something to the effect of ‘I know what I did was wrong’ and ‘I know I (messed) up’.”

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