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A book or two for you

While on one of our leisurely walks, Lee and I passed the Blue Police Call box on Main Street just before the first set of lights as you are heading to Hanover.

We were a little intrigued so we stopped to take a closer look. It looked like a real Police call box but please do not try to use it as that, or you might get the book thrown at you. 

It looks like a Police public call box but really it's a take or leave library

After taking a few photos, we continued on our journey and later that afternoon, I stopped by the house to ask the owner if it would be OK to do a short story on this as I just thought it was cool. I asked Omer to talk it over with Lily and let me know if they were interested. I also asked if he would provide me with some additional information on it. He explained that it was from the Doctor Who TV series, and that they were big fans. I remember the series and became even more interested in doing the story.

                    Simply step in , take or leave a book and step out again

I received the below info from Lily and here is what she stated:

Omer says you'd like to do a Daily UV post about our TARDIS shaped little free library!  Here's the pertinent info:

Omer and I are big fans of scifi, and of the British show Doctor Who. We both also read a lot of SciFi books as kids! Last year at Christmas Omer decided to surprise me by building a little free library in the shape of the Doctor's time traveling space craft. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension in Space. It looks like a phone booth because its chameleon circuit, which allows it to change its appearance to camouflage itself, is broken. The joke with the TARDIS on the show is that when people see it, the Doctor explains that it's bigger on the inside: the phone booth contains an entire space ship. We like to think that books are bigger on the inside as well.

Omer has rigged up the TARDIS with a solar panel which allows the interior to glow blue and the light on the top to shine after dark. It also powers the TARDIS' door opening sound.  

We encourage anyone who would like to take a book or leave a book in the TARDIS!

I Thanked Omer and Lily for taking the time out of their busy schedule to make something that so many people can use and enjoy for years to come.

There are several other take or leave free libraries around town and each is a bit different so take a moment to find them and remember you don't even need a library card.  If you think, however you would like one I know where you can find one.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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