It soon will be ice

And soon it will be a skating rink again (See how it is built)

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A few more cold nights will do it

Every year a skating rink seems to appear out of nowhere, however not without the help of many volunteers and some heavy duty equipment. Kristen Close has led this effort for the past several years. 

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The Norwich Recreation Department, The Town DPW crew, and many volunteers from the community make it happen. The below photos were taken by me and some supplied by Kristen. 

The first photo is from last years story to give you an idea of what the finished skating rink will look like. I took some photos of this years rink being assembled.

A list of the volunteers appears below from an e-mail that I received from Kristen.

Hi Demo,

THANKS for supporting us through your articles!! 
:) Kristin Close

Town Crew:
Larry Wiggins
Adam Moore
Neil Rich
Gary Durkee

Fire Crew:
Matt Swett
Peter Orner
Chris Mader
Alex Northern

Town Volunteers
Jeff Reed
Ned Redpath
Christine Richard
David Bartlett

Norwich Recreation
Jill Niles

This is what it will look like soon . (This is last years photo)

Big Yellow called in to clear the snow and level the surface

DPW brings in the supplies on the pallets using heavy equipment to transport

And this is how it starts

What else should we bring over?

And all the pieces fit like a puzzle

The side panels are carefully laid out.

Bumper tubes are used to secure the sides

Everyone lends a hand

It takes a lot of water

Making it nice and smooth

Jill says just like this you guys!  (finishing touches)

It is getting smoother

I would say she is almost ready for the bumpers on the other side

And now we wait for Mother Nature to do her part

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