And the barrell keeps rolling along

And the barrel keeps rolling along

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And my question is why?

At least 4 or 5 days a week a gentleman crosses at my crossing station and goes into the Marion Cross school. He isn't alone though as he is always pulling a barrel full of stuff. I always wondered why and I finally decided to find out. I asked if he would allow me to do a story and share with my readers why he does this day in and day out. I met him prior to my crossing guard shift at the storage location and took a few photos. One photo credit goes to Google for the barrel photo.

Bill Young starting his daily Barrel run

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What’s in the Barrel?

What's in the Barrel you ask?

After school Flag (to let parents know we are outside)

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Dodge Balls

Waffle ball bat

Tennis balls

Large plastic ping pong paddles


Foot ball

Lacrosse sticks

Baseball glove

Children walking stilts


Snow shovels

The after school program is run through the Child Care Center of Norwich. I, Bill Young, am not a Marion Cross school employee but I work closely with the school. Although I don't work for the school, it is great that we have Kate Godek, who is an ED Assistant at the Marion Cross School and has 10 years of teaching experience. The K-1 teacher is Mary Magavern

The Kindergarten children and first graders get bused to the Child Care Center , while second grade thought six graders stay at Marion Cross.

We operate 5 days a week, and even offer all day after school during teacher-in-service days because most parents still have to go to work that day. After school starts from the end of school and goes to 5:30.

When we are not outside, sometimes we are allowed to use the gym in Marion Cross, but usually we are in our rooms in the basement of the Norwich Congregational Church.

We do most of our playing on the back playground. We play foursquare and tennis, throw the football, and have some batting practice. The children are very innovative with our supplies. They often use their imagination and creativity to play new games with the same supplies.

Sometimes they do not even use what I bring in the barrel. Natural items, like sticks, dirt/mud, rocks, quartz, giant snow piles, and the giant downed tree make for wonderful entertainment.

And here he comes again

Thanks again for reading my stories:

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