Two Historic Towns United By ... Beer and Peanuts?

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It’s not every day that a town turns 250 years old. As rare, perhaps, that town shares its name with another town that happens to be at least that old. 

When municipal leaders in Windsor, Vermont (age 257), caught wind of the recent bisesquicentennial celebration of their “little sister” Town of Windsor, North Carolina, they decided to extend warm wishes, a heartfelt gift of local flavor, and a hearty proclamation.

A few weeks ago, Windsor (VT) town manager Tom Marsh organized a package to send to his counterpart in Windsor, NC, which included a 12-pack of Harpoon beer (brewed and bottled in Windsor, VT) and this very official decree issued by Selectboard Chair Rich Thomas: 

A proclamation that reads like it was written approximately 250 years ago.

The beer and proclamation appear to have been gratefully received. Marsh reports that the Town of Windsor, NC, responded in kind—or in cans. A shipment of cans of peanuts, that is. Windsor, NC, is the home of celebrated peanut grower and manufacturer, 
Bertie County Peanuts.

Beer and peanuts! Because when Windsors come together, your perfect evening snack is complete.

Windsor really hits the spot.

In addition to their names and their vintage, the towns of Windsor have a few other things of note in common:

Both have populations just north of 3,000 people.

Both have districts on the National Register of Historic Places.

Both have small hospital facilities in town.

Both have a strong football tradition. A number of Windsor, NC, boys have grown up to play in the NFL. And the Windsor (VT) High School football team took home the 2016 and 2017 state championships.

Both, unfortunately, have experienced significant flooding in recent years. Windsor, VT, was one of many Vermont towns impacted by Tropical Storm Irene (2011). Windsor, NC, though, has weathered many more high-water events, including Hurricanes Floyd (1999), Matthew, and Julia (both in 2016), among other tropical storm floods. 

But both towns have proven resilient, resourceful, and ready to face the next 250 years. 

Cheers to that, and Happy 250th to Windsor, NC!

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