The angels abound

The Angels abound for 19 days

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And they do it to help others

I received a request from Dan Fraser, founder of 19 days of Norwich to cover an event held today at the entrance of the Ledyard Bridge from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM. I told him I could stop by for a few moments to take some photos, but would have to leave to be at my crossing guard post. 

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Upon arriving I saw a  flash mob of angels milling around the parking lot. There was a  Channel 22 local WVNY reporter and crew there setting up for an interview.

I introduced myself as a blogger for daily UV and stated that I was invited there to take some photos and do a story for my "about Norwich" column. This was the Angels abound for the 19 days of Norwich and Beyond kick-off event.


Angels abound for the 19 days of Norwich and Beyond flyer was passed out today to commuters by some angels and  a couple of snowmen/snow women

Passing out the flyers and waving to commuters to announce the 19 days of Norwich and 1 % for the Haven program

Help us help others

Channel 22 ABC news team getting ready to roll

Channel 22 ABC news crew conducting an interview with Laura Gillespie from the Upper Valley Haven

Dan Fraser getting ready to pass out  promo material to second shift of angels and snowmen 

I was asked to be in a group photo and joined the mob

Snowmen passing out flyers (it looks a bit balmy, do you think they will melt?)

And they seem to be having fun doing this

My "about Norwich" logo

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