Is Co-dependency apart of Gaslighting

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When Relationships of all kinds become Toxic

Where is the line drawn between a friendship, partnership, relationship or any other ship you are sailing that is possibly abusive. I mean where do you draw the line....and is that line going to be edged in stone for every ship you are sailing. By now if these questions are being reconciled with in your life, you might be sailing a co-dependent ship. Gaslighting is a form of co-dependent behavior where the dependency has become more than abusive, it is down right psychology and emotionally DANGEROUS! The flip side of it is that by nature we are dependent on one another as a whole society. We all have people in our lives that need more attention at any given moment depending on their ability to work towards healing a lose in the family, it is called emotional support, for example. There it is a good line drawn between dependent and supportive. Please share the link information below in support of healthy lines/boundaries it could save a life or two....       

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