Deborah Glazer, MD: A Lebanon Legend

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Completing 33 years of Dedicated Service

Lebanon area residents who have watched the development of the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital since it was established back on February 1, 1932 have witnessed the emergence of one of the most caring and beloved medical institutions in New England. In 2016, APD affiliated with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Center and last year opened the new 44,000 square foot Multi-Specialty Clinic.

One key player in APD’s successful growth is Deborah Glazer MD, a family practitioner who joined APD in 1985 and is completing her 33rd year serving this community. How key a component has Dr. Glazer been to the health and well being of the Lebanon community? How about the fact that she estimates while serving as an Obstetrician in the early days of her career at APD, she has delivered some 1500 babies!

“Delivering a baby and providing newborn care, combined with helping a couple become a family, has truly been one of the great blessings of my career. To see the joy of the new mother and father and continue to care for that newborn through their childhood, watch them grow up and to continue to care for them through the cycle of life as they start families of their own is very rewarding. One of my great delights is seeing some of those babies I delivered coming back when they are in their 20s to see me as a patient under my care.”

These days, while serving as a family practitioner, Dr. Glazer often offers her medical expertise to the entire family ranging from children, their parents and grandparents. It offers her a full range of caring and compassion.

“When it comes to the relationships with our patients, there are few bonds as sacred and lasting as those we form with them. You know their most intimate grievances, provide clinical counsel and guide them to rehabilitate and restore their vitality after illness and injury. Being a family doctor is a true blessing.”

Through those 33 years of service at APD, Dr. Glazer has proven to have a very unique approach to her relationship with her patients. She takes pride in being a friend as well as your doctor.  Need proof? How many physicians can report for work in the morning wearing a Boston Red Sox jacket while flashing a smile that lights up the room. Upon completion of the office visit, she has been known to fold her laptop and lean back in her chair. “Everything looks good with your exam. Now, how about talking about those Boston Red Sox?”

You guessed it. Dr. Glazer is an avid Red Sox fan and that is only one of her passions while off duty. She is quite a remarkable athlete in her own right and maintains a high degree of physical conditioning. Basically, she is an advocate for remaining in top physical shape and leads by example. Anything to do with enjoying the great outdoors is a priority. 

“I grew up in the Schenectady, New York area and have always loved being outdoors. Skiing (both downhill and cross country) bicycling, hiking and running have always been favorites. One of the reasons I originally chose Lebanon and APD is that it offers a true four-seasons setting.”

Dr. Glazer is a member of the American Medical Center Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Family Practice. Her educational background includes: MD, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, N.Y.: BS, Magna Cum Laude. SUNY, Albany, N.Y.: Residency: St. Clare’s Family Practice Residency, Schenectady, N.Y. She has also served as President of the APD Medical Staff from 2013-2015.
What about the future for this very active community icon? One thing for certain is that slowing down and yearning for retirement may not be an option. She addressed that with the following quote: “I believe you don’t slow down when you get old; you get old when you slow down!”
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