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Sexual Assault in any form is WRONG!

It is no secret that our growing awareness of sexual misconduct, sexual assault and inappropriate language is at an all time high in news reports. I saw a sign once that basically said instead of teaching our young girls to not get raped that we should be telling our young men to not commit rape. I get the idea however, it seemed a little one sided, sexual crimes are not limited to any one gender and with the recent movement of a third gender emerging from out of the dark ages, our idea of NO means NO  needs to mean more. My son told me he heard of an idea that he thought was sad but smart, If someone was in a situation where they needed 911 but was afraid to call, act like you are ordering a pizza to be delivered but it is really 911 you are on the phone with and are able to give an address where you are....without alerting the other party of your reach for help! I know it might not work in places where there is no pizza delivery nevertheless it might just work for a large amount of people. If there are any other idea's please share! 

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Hotline:  Please reach out....YOU ARE NOT ALONE     

The link below is The National Sexual Assault HOTLINE.....share the number and website or by all means if you are in need please contact them.

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