Worth Knowing: Ever wanted to run your own restaurant in the Upper Valley? Here's your chance.

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Many people day dream about running their own restaurant one day - from designing the menu, pairing the wines, concocting whimsical desserts, and so on. Few ever follow through with this dream or get the chance to try. Well here's your chance. There are currently two fully equipped restaurants ready to be taken over in the Upper Valley. 

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Stella's Italian Kitchen and Market closed its doors precipitously in June. Although the owners initially told the public that it would re-open with a new chef soon, it never did. Now the entire building, including the fully equipped restaurant, is for sale. The building is located at 5 Main Street in Lyme and contains 21,260 square feet. There are solid tenants on the first floor - including Ledyard National Bank, a US Post Office and Lyme Hardware. There are also multiple rentable offices on the second floor, and there's a large modern apartment on the third floor. Price tag? $1.25M. Contact Woodard Associates at mikewoodad@woodardassociates.com if you're tempted.

There's also a restaurant ready to be taken over on Main Street in Hanover. John Chapin opened the Canoe Club in 2003 and ran it successfully for 15 years. Upon retirement, he sold it to a group of investors, and it re-opened under their tutelage last spring. Due to a combination of factors that included high staff turnover and bothersome construction behind the building, the Canoe Club closed without warning in September. So that prime location is sitting there waiting for someone to come in and fire up the ovens. We cannot give you a price on what it would take to open a new restaurant there, but contact Woodard Associates if you're interested. A Woodard Associates ad for the space states that a confidentiality agreement will be required. Who knows what that means.

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