Ways to Use Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Don't want turkey and mashed potatoes again? As good as they are, I don't blame you.

What do you do with all those turkey leftovers?  My colleague had an awesome idea: EMPANADAS!

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This inspired me.  What other creative, tasty ideas can you make with Thanksgiving leftovers?

1. Empandas

Empandas are like a hot pocket or turnover.  They're a Latin-American pasty that can be either fried or baked.  You can use pie crust dough, puff pastry dough, or even cresent roll dough.

Simply fill your dough with potatoes and turkey, bake in the oven, and top with some leftover gravy.

Another colleague suggested adding some cranberry and stuffing into the mix too.  Oh my.  Here's a beef empanda recipe you can use and do an alternative filling.

2. Taquitos

I just made these last week and they were really good.  I thought they were going to need something else in the filling but they were perfect just as they were.  You can make a Thanksgiving taquito too.

Try cranberry, turkey, and stuffing; turkey, potato, and cheese; or flavored turkey and cheese.

3. Shepard's Pie

This was a popular dish when I lived in England; it's called cottage pie there.  Apparently I make more of a cottage pie than shepard's pie at my house because I don't put the veggies in it.  You could do either.  Make your own take on shepard's pie by putting turkey, a gravy sauce, and mushrooms as your base and mashed potatoes on top.  I bet it would be tasty.

4. Turkey Pot Pie

I love chicken pot pie.  Make it a turkey one instead and have some comfort food.  Here's a recipe perfect for the occasion.

5. Turkey Tetrazzini

I really love noddle recipes.  This is another comfort food: noodles and turkey in a creamy sauce.  Yum.  This is the one I make.

6. Turkey Meatballs

You can make meatballs with cooked turkey!  Just grind it up in a food processor. Cool.  Here's a recipe using leftover turkey meat.  You can also try mozzarella stuffed turkey meatballs...yum.

7. Omelette

Breakfast is often a bowl of carbs.  How about something with some more protein?  Try a turkey omelette: recipe 1 uses mushroom and sage, while recipe 2 uses spinach and cheese.

Looking for more ideas?  This blog has a lot of cool ones like a turkey chowder, turkey melt, and turkey sliders. You can also check out Delish for all their creative ideas like a turkey ring.

For more ideas on food, life, and deal with life's frustrations check out my blog the Thankful Spoon.

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