Worth Knowing: Open house at Croydon Polyculture Brewing Co. on Small Business Saturday

Submitted 24 days ago

This just in from Chris and Michelle at Polyculture Brewing Co. in Croydon:

Winter is here but we're looking back to spring with 'Dandy'. Our mixed culture farmhouse ale brewed with dandelions picked by us at the brewery this spring was awarded third place for American style sour & wild ale without fruit (<6.5%) at the 23rd Annual Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition! We've still got a bit available at the brewery for samples and bottles to go and we'll be open for Small Business Saturday on the 24th from 11-4:30, see you then!

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They've just opened their taproom for beer tastings, pints, and bottles/crowlers to go in a cozy space in the barn attached to their farmhouse in Croydon, NH. 

Polyculture Brewing Co. is family owned and operated and focuses on brewing farmhouse styles that reflect our place and the season. They use local ingredients whenever possible. Chris and Michelle have sold their beer at farmers' markets this past summer and now have beer on tap at a few local establishments. Their new taproom is the best way to meet them and their fabulous selection of beers.

You can check out updates and beer offerings on Facebook at (https://www.facebook.com/PolycultureBrewingCo/) and Instagram (@polyculturebrewingco). Directions to the brewery on their website: https://www.polyculturebrewing.com/visit-us.

So get down to Croydon on Saturday afternoon to support your Upper Valley brewers and check out their taproom! 

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