Holiday Movies Set in VT and NH

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Katie Donovan

People flock here during the fall, admiring our majestic color display; during the winter for our amazing ski resort selection; and during the summer for our plethora of lake side cottages and campgrounds.  

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There's a lot to love around here and it's no wonder so many films want to capture the essence of living in small town VT or NH.

Here are some holiday movies set in VT or NH that can make us proud New Englanders.

Baby Boom: I love this cozy movie.  Diane Keaton plays a big city career woman who moves to small town Vermont when she inherits a baby.

White Christmas:  Two war veterans in show business help their commander keep his Vermont Inn. I love this classic; it's full of heart, fabulous cast, and lots of singing.

Moonlight and Mistletoe: I just watched this one and thought it was cute.  I loved that it was set in Vermont (you can see the green license plates).  Even the storyline fit the area.  Santaville, which sounds a lot like Santa's Village in the White Mtns., is struggling to stay open amidst a changing technology-driven culture.   

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