Town Manager's Draft Budget Increases Spending By 3.5%

Town Manager Herb Durfee delivered a draft budget to the Norwich Selectboard at the end of its meeting on Wednesday. The budget for the fiscal year ending 2020 proposes a 3.5% increase in spending.

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In a related email, the Town Manager explained that the draft budget remains a work in progress, because the Town has three new Department Heads. The DPW Head did not come on board until October 1st. 

In the email, Town Manager Durfee highlighted a number of items contributing to the increase. 
  • 1/3 of the payment owed the state for terminating the Church St. sidewalk project = $21,667
  • Should you choose, continuation of the Story Kitchen contract = $5,940
  • Increased funds for the Reappraisal Fund = $11,500 (from $6,400)
  • Continuation of the Public Safety Building cleaning contract = $9,360
  • Continued upward cost of police dispatching = $50,434 (FYE 2018); $57,117 (FYE 2019); $62,817 (FYE 2020); and, $72,000+/- (next couple of FY’s)
  • Not yet in budget, but anticipated increase in fire/Mutual Aid dispatching = $20,000+/- (up from $9,800)
  • Assurance of funds available for a VLCT-PACIF Equipment Grant = $5,000 (amount would fund up to a $10,000 project/item)
  • Board already agreed upon purchase of new Forestry #1 = $12,250 (1/3 of 3 payments to the designated fund)
  • Increase to Highway Garage Tools for hydrostatic compactor and fleet management software = $11,500 (up from $2,500)
  • Increase in designated fund for the Highway Garage, since I can pass a broom handle through the structural steel girders = $50,000 (from $25,00)
  • Increase to capital expenditures for DPW equipment (4x4 pickup; chipper; 2-ton plow truck) = $171,427 (up from $85,000)
The Selectboard will begin discussions on the budget at its November 28 meeting. At that meeting, it is anticipated that each Department Head will make a short presentation and respond to questions. 

POSTED: 11.16.2018 

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