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What is a Cracker Barrel session ? (Town of Norwich is having it's third one) (Why three? )

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Google will provide the answer but this story will have the facts

I thought I would share this list serve posting with my readers to keep you informed of what is happening around town or should I say "about Norwich".

The town manager is at it again reaching out to the community for their views, with another Cracker Barrel session.  I looked up cracker barrel in google and this is what I found.

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What is a cracker barrel session?
The CRACKER BARREL is a very short session repeated three times in 75-mins. The presenter usually provides a brief introduction to the topic, and participants are invited to comment and ask questions.

Where did the name Cracker Barrel come from?
The answer lies in the logo. The term “cracker-barrel” was first used in 1916, and it emerged from the country stores of the era. Also, actual barrels of crackers. The phrase “cracker-barrel” was inspired by the barrels full of soda crackers that were for sale in the country's country stores.

The Norwich Town Manager will host his third Cracker Barrel discussions at the Norwich Public Library on 11-19-2018.  There are two options for times:  1:00-2:00 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm.


See the flyer posted on the Norwich website at:

 Cracker Barrel Flyer advertising this event 

If you have any questions please call

Miranda Bergmeier

Assistant to the Town Manager

Town of Norwich

P.O. Box 376

Norwich, VT  05055

802-649-1419 x101



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