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My Son's Girl got run off the Road and that person did not even stop to help her!!!!

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I got a Grand Ma'Ma'  text this morning to have my Grand pup over night. I said what time she said "15-20" I texted back and told her the roads were covered to please be safe....well 40 mins go by I am wondering back and forth from the kitchen to the front door, looking out worried. I had a feeling so I knew not to text resisting was hard but if she was driving texting is so unsafe. It was about 50 mins later....she pulling in as bright and beautiful as an Arizona Sunset or the Northern Lights, she was in one piece! As I heard those words I started to shake and grabbed a hold of her as Zoey made her grand entrance they were both safe, shaken but, safe. The person who is at fault only tapped their breaks and kept going....a Truck with stickers on it, smoke pipes and flags. Thank goodness a Pastor and another gentleman stopped to help her....I am very grateful Thank you for the person who did not stop to help and just kept going hummmm....naughty....shame on you leaving a young woman and her dogs like that.....   

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