Worth Knowing: Etna General Store is for sale - if no buyer, the store will close

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The Etna General Store has been open since 1931. Victor and Kimberly Dube, the owners who've been operating the beloved community kitchen, convenience store, and local gathering place for the past 15 years, put the store up for sale a month ago. The selling price?  $50,000. This includes all of the inventory and a substantial equipment list. The purchaser will not be buying the real estate, however, just the store's location, inventory and ongoing operations. The purchaser will need to enter into a lease with the building's owner, Rick Dickinson, who is eager to do so. 

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Locals and sojourners will sure miss the Dubes, who are helped out regularly by their daughter Kristen Greene and her husband Sean. Their daily hot lunch specials and endless baked goods, together with all of the necessities a little country general store should have, have made Etna residents and passers-through happy for years. And if you've been a patron there, you'll also miss just how friendly and welcoming the Dubes have been. 

Why are the Dubes moving on? They're taking their expertise a little further north where they'll run the Aldrich General Store in Haverill, a business much closer to their home in Haverill Corner. They're starting their new chapter soon - so if they don't identify a buyer soon, they may actually simply shutter the store on November 30. That would be so sad!

If you're interested in learning more about the revenue The Etna General Store produces annually, Victor would be happy to talk to you at 603-643-1655.

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