Safety Changes At MCS

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Sad but true: keeping schools safe from intruders is a top concern. Principal "Mr. Bill" Hammond addressed that topic as part his state-of-the-school address for Marion Cross School in October.

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Safety changes. You should know that the state made a number of recommendations that we will be implementing this year. They include securing the front doors, installing well-placed cameras, and having all staff wear their IDs. In past years we had already worked our way to one entrance, updated our paging system, secured shades, and developed the capability to lock the front door with one turn of a key in the office or one flip of a switch in the hallway. Our best safety feature, however, is you. It’s all the parents who hang around outside the school chatting, and reporting when someone outside the fence is taking pictures. It’s the teachers who work to make sure every student feels welcome. It’s the students who offer to be friends with a student who has just moved to the school. Relationships not only help people feel included, they also help people feel psychologically safe, which locked doors and cameras often don’t. 
The full text of the State-of-the-School Address was in the Norwich School Board packet for November and is available here.


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