Polly Wog or THE WOGGER

The Loss of Two Dog's

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My Heart Breaks

News Years Day, I spend most of the night at the animal hospital with Jager, I had felt a lump on his paw that did not seem right. I loaded him in the Truck and we were off to the ER in Lebanon NH. It was Cancer! I ran outside because I could not breath and I needed to toss my cookies, as I sat in the snow bank I reached for my phone to call my Son, I could barely speak the words I never wanted to say. I love and Miss you Jagermeister so very much. Now I have lost Polly Wog of old age, my nickname is Polly Wog so when I brought my Old Vet Friend a new Dog after someone killed our Willy Dog in a Bear Trap, it was love at first sight and he was named after my nickname. Polly Wog was the best Dog ever for my friend. Polly Wog could 4x4 better then any of us. When your animals become one of your family members it is a great loss. Thank you Polly Wogger for your faithful and consistent care of our very much loved Coonzie 


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