Meditations for Resilience and Resistance
Ended November 22
Julie Puttgen
November 22
Price:  Suggested Donation $10-20/session


When meditation is approached with superficial expectations of quiet and calm, practitioners may inadvertently miss the opportunity to recognize the fiery heart of their being, the source of courage, grounding, intelligence, compassion, and capacity for wise spontaneous action. Meditations for Resilience and Resistance (MRR) sessions draw from traditional relaxation and awareness frameworks as resources, and from there, journey into resilience and resistance. Sessions will include guided meditation practice, group discussion, and supports for at-home practice. We will sometimes bring in Expressive Arts modalities (drawing, writing, movement) to help integrate new insights and experiences. This group is open to experienced meditators as well as to those wishing to begin or refresh practice. While no prior meditation experience is required and we will work within a safe container, participants’ willingness to engage with complex, sometimes uncomfortable material is essential.



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