An Owl Crows, A Cat Says 'I've Seen Worse'

My wife thinks I’m nuts. She burst out laughing when I showed her racy h’s last message. “You’re trading notes with a mouse? How… adorable!” But it’s not like she can explain what’s appearing on my screen.  

So for right now -- and please do not tell my friends -- I’m pulling back on the snap traps. And last night I left a blank document open on my screen.

Sir, I found this morning, the reincarnated animal world is all agog about the elections.

i mentioned fredda? the owl who used to rant on the radio? she believed all the talk about a ‘red wave’ only it wasn’t, so she was bitter yesterday morning and i don’t know if you’ve ever seen an owl in a nasty mood but just don’t even twitch a whisker is all i can say.

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but by yesterday afternoon she was sitting on a branch looking all cocky and hooting ‘florida’ and ‘ohio’ and ‘judges’ and ‘mitch rules’ . don’t ask me how she knows about all this. owls just live on their own wavelength. 

horace the cat, who’s been around the block a few times since his human body died if you get my meaning, has some perspective, and says we’ve been divided before and gotten through it. 'meh, i've seen worse,' he says, that he saw our woods and creeks run with blood and terrible violence in our streets and we’ve had times when decent people were afraid to speak their minds and we beat people because of their skin and we put people in camps just because of where they came from. we Americans are lurchers, he says, never steady, but we move forward over time. he says ‘patience’ which is all well and good for him to say, he’s a cat, he’s got a while.

but Sir, here’s what i really want to say. i think you’ve been holding out on me.

horace says he saw my name on a website. on his owner’s computer screen. 'racy h' plain as day. what gives?


Want to know what comes next? 

And just who the heck is Horace? That's in the last post, "Mice Out of Hand? Sez You!"


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