What will you do when the snow flies?

"Winter Is Coming"

Start planning NOW

Winter is basically knocking on our door. Well, maybe not today. It was 45 when I woke up at 5 this morning. But TRUST ME, it is coming, just like it does every year.

And when it does, will you be ready? Have you put plans in place to keep your exercise levels up, or are you going to toss up your hands and say, "well, it is cold out, so i can't exercise. I like to walk, but not when it is cold." I get it, I really do. I don't like to be cold, either.

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That's why I have warm socks, boots, pants, jacket, hat, mittens, etc. I've lived in Vermont for nearly 39 years (cumulative). I anticipate winter, just like I anticipate hot, steamy summers (shorts, t-shirt, etc.). 

Is a gym membership REQUIRED to get your health on in the winter? NO. Will it help? Maybe. If you pay attention to ads that will be coming out soon, there will be GREAT DEALS on MEMBERSHIP RATES, PAYMENT OPTIONS, etcetera. 

Like clockwork, you can count on gyms to be trying to hook you in with New Year, New You offers, promises of getting you back into shape in 30-60-90 days. Please don't fall for the quick fixes. All those offers do is lighten your bank account. 

Be smart. Play the long game when getting back to healthy. Your results will last much longer (because they will involve lifestyle changes and not just a temporary change in behaviors), and you will be more satisfied with the sustained outcome.




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