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Worth Knowing: Need to find about financial aid for college education? Here's how.

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River Bend Career and Technical Center and Oxbow High School will be offering a FAFSA forms night on November 13 at 6:00 PM. School counselors from River Bend, Oxbow High School, and Vermont Student Assistant Corporation will be available to help individual families complete the FAFSA application online using the computers in the OxbowHigh School Library.

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid helps families get grants, loans, and scholarships to help pay for further education after high school. Below is a list of information that will be needed if you plan to take advantage of this forms night. 

FAFSA Checklist of Information needed to bring to FAFSA Forms Night:       

  • Parent email address with email password – You must be able to access your email from a River Bend computer         
  • Student email address with email password – You must be able to access your email from a River Bend computer
  • Social security numbers for student and parent 
  • Parent 2017 Federal Tax Return with W-2s
  • Paystubs or other methods of estimating income if you did not file 2016 taxes
  • Student 2017 Federal Tax Return if filed, W2s or estimated income if not filed
  • Student driver’s license number, if they have one
  • The net value of any asset(s), investment(s), and business(s) owned by either parent or student
  • Total of any social security benefits and/or child support payments
  • Your home value and debt
  • At least one school the student wants to apply to, but even better is a list of the colleges or programs the student is applying to, with financial aid deadlines and required documents noted (the student should do this!!)  You can go back in and add or remove schools at anytime before their financial aid deadlines
  • Questions and information about any special circumstances that would affect your ability to contribute to your student’s college education.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to get help in a very complicated area.

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