Worth Knowing: How about an uplifting look at how some people are changing the world?

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From Building a Local Economy (BALE): What will be our new vision for living on our Planet? The old one is leading us into an abyss. To move beyond despair, we need to create and share new stories of resilience and hope in our communities. Join BALE as we watch a locally produced new film, Dancing With the Cannibal Giant: Five New Stories for the Great Transition. It offers five stories of people and places who are helping transform the world in their own way, putting them on a path of radical shifting. Their lives and work tell the story of a new world unfolding.

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After the film showing we will share our action plans for making a New Vision for Living in Harmony with our Planet.  The filmmakers will be there and want to hear from YOU!  Produced by BALE (Building A Local Economy).

Where: Hartland Library, Community Room, 153 Rt 5, Hartland, VT  05048


Free admission.

Information: (802) 738-0215

For more information about BALE, see its website.

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