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First Look at Phnom Penh In WRJ—with Customers!

Submitted 16 days ago

Sarin Tin's new Phnom Penh Sandwich Station in WRJ just opened its doors, and you wouldn't even have to be there to know it. You can smell it in the air. 

Literally. A wafting, mouthwatering aroma of spicy-seasoned pork is unmistakable, as far as a block away from the former Polka Dot Diner. And if this is WRJ's new normal, we're A-ok with that.

The noontime scene on its first lunch rush? Not so bad! The line wasn't quite out the door—yet. And reports indicate that you'll wait 15-20 minutes for your order, which seems about right. Though your best bet might be takeout, as seating is pretty minimal. 

If you're heading to Phnom Penh today, tell us what you think! 

Indecision and elation at Phnom Penh. Photo by Michael Metivier.

Remember, too, that Phnom Penh is still hiring! To inquire, email Tin at or call (603) 678-8179. Pay starts at $12/hour. 

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