Worth Knowing: How to have a truly local Thanksgiving feast

Submitted a month ago

There are plenty of farms in the Upper Valley that can provide you with everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast this year. Get your potatoes, squash, onions, apples and pumpkins (for pies), cranberries, dinner rolls and turkey from Upper Valley farmers. You can even buy local wine. 

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Crossmolina Farm in Corinth is offering small, medium and large boxes of all of the fixings to match the size of your gathering. You can buy your turkey and fresh bread from Crossmolina's earthen oven as well. Sign up for a box and a bird today at www.crossmolinafarm.com or 802-439-3358.

Is there an Upper Valley you'd like to recommend to readers for their Thanksgiving shopping list? Please leave a comment below this post.

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