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Worth Knowing: Need an excuse to go out to dinner at 99 in West Lebanon? Well here it is.

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Is going out to dinner on a "school night" a guilty pleasure of yours? Is going out to dinner in West Lebanon an even guiltier pleasure? Well here's a really good excuse to assuage your guilt. If you go to the 99 Restaurant in West Lebanon for dinner on November 15, 15% of the proceeds from your meal will benefit the Sullivan County Humane Society. All you have to do is print the coupon on the SCHS's website and present it to your server. Boom!  15% of the cost of your dinner will help the little critters at the SCHS.

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You will find the tickets on the SCHS website at:

This is what the coupon looks like:

99 Restaurant is located in Shaw's Plaza on Route 12A, 10 Benning Street, West Lebanon, NH 03784.

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