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Anita Hamalainen

Downtown WRJ is about to get a whole lot tastier! Ten months ago I made a plea to the local Developer Gods to save the Polka Dot Restaurant and to bring Vietnamese food to the neighborhood. My prayers are answered with the opening of Phnom Penh Sandwich Station. (Technically the cuisine is mostly Cambodian, but to my hungry taste buds, it's all good.)

The images included with this post come from a virtual walk-through the developer, Mike Davidson, shared with me, so I have yet to see the interior design in person. But believe you me, I won't need much arm-twisting to head downtown to check it out.

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In my original post I suggested a redesign of the Polka Dot that included these types of details:

You'll notice my scheme included a palette of light wood, white, and blue tones. Whereas, the finished Phnom Penh Sandwich Station features off-white, two medium wood tones, and a deep red. Yet judging by the virtual walk-through, I think the understated space feels slightly reminiscent of my design scheme.

As I happily nosh on my first order of Vietnamese vermicelli noodles, I'll ponder whether the red is actually a better hue to complement the Southeast Asian cuisine and more appropriate than my original Scandinavian-inspired color scheme. I might have to make a few visits to reach a verdict. One can't be too sure of these things.

I'm especially intrigued to hear about the back story of the live edge bar top, seen above.

Wait a second...

Hold the phone.

Go back and study the above photo again. Is all the red used throughout the restaurant inspired by the color of Sriracha sauce? Look on the bar! Or, is the red an homage to the red lettering on the original Polka Dot Restaurant sign? Oh, the interior design intrigue! I'll find out and report back to you.

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