Worth Knowing: You're not going crazy . . . there are more mice in - or trying to get in to - your house this year

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Worth Knowing assured you a couple of months ago that you weren't going crazy if you felt like you were seeing an unusually large number of squirrel this fall in your yard and - well - dead in the middle of the road. (See You're not crazy . . . there are more squirrels.) Well now it's time to assure you that, yes, you are really and truly seeing (and possibly hearing) an unusually large number of mice in your house this fall. You're not going crazy. They're everywhere. 

Last week when I was sitting at my kitchen counter tapping away on my laptop, I saw either 3 different mice or the same mouse 3 different times within a 45-minute period. Now I sit at my kitchen counter tapping away on my laptop for hours every day. In the 25 years I have lived in this house, I think I've seen a total of 3 mice. Oh I know they're here - but they usually only leave me droppings - and they have never just sauntered out onto the kitchen floor, apparently looking for something to do. Plus, I have a dog that is present in every part of my house (but mostly in the kitchen) and who actively hunts rodents. Aren't mice supposed to be afraid of the scent of dogs? Not this year apparently.

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People who know a lot more about mice and rodent populations than I ever will seem to agree that the same factors that have led to an increase in the squirrel population in the Upper Valley this year have led to an explosion of mice. (Check out this WMUR Story.) Several relatively easy winters coupled with robust crops of tree nuts have led to burgeoning rodent populations. And as it's getting cold, all of those mice would like to find a nice warm spot to settle down in to eat and to wait out the cold over the next 6 months. That's why they're coming into our houses. 

Oh to snooze the winter away in your insulation . . .

Worth Knowing is not dispensing advice on what to do, just reassuring you that you're not going crazy.

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