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White Flags On Norwich Green Honor Young Victims Of Gun Violence

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Wondering about the white flags on the Norwich Green this weekend? Each flag, 2933 in all,  represents the life of a child killed or injured by gun violence this year in the US.  The event was sponsored by GunSenseVT.

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TV Station WCAX did a vide segment on this story on Friday. The video and text version of the story White flags in Norwich honor young victims of gun violence by the Upper Valley Bureau chief Adam Sullivan is available here

“Just a little over a month has passed since we placed 2,535 flags in Woodstock, said Clai Lasher-Somers, Executive Director of GunSense Vermont in a Friday press release. “Today we had to place an additional flags to mark the fact that over 350 additional children have been shot in America in the last few weeks alone. Luckily there is something we can do about this gun violence epidemic. Gun violence prevention laws save lives." 

According to the WCAX report, Ed Cutler, the president of Gun Owners of Vermont, told WCAX any death of a child is a tragedy. At the same time, he said increasing gun regulation is not going to decrease gang violence, which a major factor in these deaths.


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