4 New(ish) Restaurants to Try in the Upper Valley

It's been a while since I've featured some of the fantastic dining options in the Upper Valley. It would be remiss of me to not mention these (mostly) new restaurants to all of you wonderful readers. Let me know if you've found a new place that you love and I'll be sure to feature it in the future!

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1. The Daily Catch (Woodstock, VT) - This new restaurant has roots in the North End of Boston, MA. It features fresh seafood and pasta dishes and it is definitely worth a visit!

2. Phnom Penh Sandwich Station (White River Junction, VT) - While not necessarily new to the Upper Valley, the beloved Phnom Penh is opening a new location in White River Junction on November 5th. They are taking over the space that used to be the Polka Dot Restaurant and they will be a welcome addition to the WRJ foodie scene. 

3. Blue Sparrow Kitchen (Norwich, VT) - This charming cafe opened a few months ago and they feature locally sourced menu options. Grab a cup of coffee, or sit down and enjoy a meal in a friendly environment.

4. Revolution Cantina (Claremont, NH) - This restaurant actually isn't that new, but it is new to me. Surprisingly, I don't hear many people talk about this Mexi-Latin restaurant, but it should be talked about frequently! If you crave authentic, delicious, Mexican & South American dishes, head to Claremont and try this spot ASAP.

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