Projected Net Revenue From EV Charging Station At Huntley Meadow?

Hartford Selectboard had projections and they were revealing, to the good and to the bad.

The dailyUV post by the Town of Norwich regarding the proposed Huntley Meadow EV charging station was very informative.  But financial projections are lacking. The Hartford, VT Selectboard had such info and it was revealing, to the good and to the bad. 

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In March, 2018, the Hartford Selectboard considered whether to apply for a grant for a four port EV charging station. The Hartford net revenue projections provided in that Selectboard packet are below. The projections assume an user fee of $1.00 hour. A user fee is not part of the pitch of the Energy Committee to the Norwich Selectboard, as I understand it.  

Hartford, VT net revenue projections for EV charging station. Revenues include an user fee of $1.00 per hour. Source: March 13, 2018 Hartford Selectboard packet.

I don't have enough information to say if these projections are directly applicable to the Norwich Huntley Meadow EV charging station. But, they are a data point. 

Note that the 10-year net revenue projection is in the red, in part because after year five, Hartford is responsible for access fees and maintenance costs. Under the grant, Hartford  is required to keep the EV charging station up and running for only five years, which seems to be the case for Norwich.  

Questions for Norwich Selectboard to consider: 
1.  What are projected net revenues for the proposed Norwich Huntley Meadow EV charging station, with and without a user fee? 
2. What are the obligations of Norwich under the terms of the grant?
3.  If, after five years, Norwich decided to eliminate Huntley Meadow EV charging station, then what are costs of removal? 
POSTED: 11.02.2018

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