Worth Knowing: Cambodian Eatery opening in White River Junction on Monday

Interior of the new Phnom Penh Sandwich Station

Finally. Construction has been completed and Sarin Tin has hired enough employees to open his new restaurant in the former Polka Dot Restaurant in White River Junction. The doors at Phnom Penh Sandwich Station located at the intersection of North and South Main Streets will open on Monday at 11 am.  

Diners can expect much of the same delicious Cambodian food they've been able to enjoy at Tin's Lebanon restaurant. There will be the favorites like Summer and Spring Rolls, the Phnom Penh Sandwich with your choice of Coconut Shrimp, Lemongrass Beef, Ginger Garlic Pork, Teriyaki or Curry Chicken, or Grilled Tofu with Soy Sesame Sauce), Pho (Vietnamese soup), Spiced Curry (with your choice of meat) and various Satays. Tin is offering a few new things at the White River Junction location - like a Fried Bread appetizer that's served with browned pork and shrimp, garlic and shallots ($3.50) and a Vietnamese Vermicelli entree that's served with a Spring Roll and your choice of meat ($9.95 with chicken, $10.95 with beef or pork and $11.95 with shrimp). There will also be a Cambodian- Vietnamese dessert on the menu - Che Dau, a sumptuous concoction of sweet rice, black eyed beans, sugar and coconut milk. Finally, Tin will offer daily specials on Monday through Saturday.

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One major difference between Tin's Lebanon and White River Junction locations is that the new eatery has a license to serve beer and wine. Tin is only carrying Vermont beers - like Upper Pass and River Roost, and he's making an effort to serve Vermont wines. (This writer declined to sample the Vermont wine because it was far too early in the day.) 

The new restaurant has seating for about 30 people, including 8 seats at the bar. The walls are decorated with Cambodian art, and colorful woven placemats grace the tables. In case you forget where you are, the old Polka Dot Restaurant sign is hanging on the wall to remind you. 

Tin is still sorting out the hours at the new Phnom Penh Sandwich Station, but he plans to serve lunch and dinner at least 6 days a week. Don't miss out.

Tin moved to West Lebanon from Phnom Penh is 2006 to pursue educational and work opportunities. He married Lay Yi 5 years ago, and she helps to manage the restaurants. It has been a long road for Tin and Yi to build a successful shop in Lebanon and to now be opening a new venture in White River Junction. Their message to you? Please come out and support this local business! 

This drab day can't dim Sarin Tin's bright smile as he gets ready to open on Monday!

By the way, Tin is still looking for a few more employees for both restaurant locations. If you're interested, please send him an email at ppsandwichstation@gmail.com or pick up the phone and call him at (603) 678-8179.

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