Seriously? A Typing Mouse?

Here’s where things get weird. I got up early, it was still dark, and just as I turned on the light in the study a mouse leaped off my desk and beat it under the closet door. I was still convinced I was dealing with a hacker, but then noticed that though I hadn’t touched my computer, it wasn’t asleep. Staring at me on the screen was a long note.

i know this is farfetched but well, Sir, i really am a mouse but i used to be a person. did you ever read archy and mehitabel? these things can happen. at least i’m a mammal not a cockroach.

just call me racy h. that h is a mouse thing, pretentious if you ask me but they all do it. all i know is that i was living a fine life just like you - well i ate better than you do, Sir. honest, cheetos? - and then i died and now i’m a mouse. there’s lots of us around you know. that cat who lives across the road? used to be horace greeley. i’m not making that up. nice guy but i keep my distance. there’s a barred owl nearby, total chatterbox at 3 in the morning as i’m sure you know, fredda, was some talk-radio host. we do not get along she says it’s just her luck to have been reincarnated in vermont instead of some right-thinking place like idaho, i think she’s baiting me but i keep my thoughts to myself because owls and mice, we have a history.

Anyway, thank you for your computer. it’s not easy typing, fine for you people with fingers but with tiny little mouse legs? these keys are harder to press than you think, and it’s hard to stretch more than two keys so don’t expect many capital letters from me tho i’m trying to expand my repertoire and i might get d pretty soon and maybe l tho who knows. it feels good to be writing again. expression is the need of my soul, that’s what archy said and it is. you can't eat words, but you can be sustained by them.

now Sir, i really need to ask if you could stop trying to kill us. we’re just harmless mice, tho there’s one, she lives in the garage, keeps herself to herself, Aerial o, used to be an actress. omg i hear you on the stairs timetogo

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