Phone Booths Are Now Tiny Art Gallery At The Hop

The Booth is just that. Two booths, actually. Phone booths that have sat empty and purposeless for years. Now they are an art gallery, narrow and vertical and filled with student art. I have no data to back this up, but it could be the world’s smallest art space. Like the Little Libraries, it is novel, casual, and user-friendly.

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According to The Dartmouth, Hopkins Center donor relations officer Sherry Fiore took on this project because student art is remarkably scarce in the otherwise art-filled Hopkins Center, a sentiment echoed by student and Booth curator Jamie Park. Located just across from student mailboxes, The Booth is smack-dab in the middle of daily foot traffic in a major Hop corridor. No requirement to make a special trip to enter its doors. In fact, viewing is best achieved by standing outside and peering in. (For nostalgia’s sake, I actually stepped inside and slid the folding glass door shut, just to remember the now extinct phone booth experience.)

Current exhibitions include the pastel, acrylic and oil works of Eric D. Wang (phone booth left) and the photography of Saba Maheen (phone booth right.) 

Some of the works of Eric D. Wang on exhibition at The Booth

Mini-photography exhibition of the work of Saba Maheen

Take a peek on your next trip to the Hopkins Center Box Office. It’s a quick, sharp injection of art into your daily routine.


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