Branching Out - Solo Art Show
Ended January 31
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Amy Hook-Therrien Art

White River Craft Center presents: “Branching Out” by Amy Hook-Therrien

 White River Craft Center will be exhibiting original watercolor paintings by Vermont artist Amy Hook-Therrien November 9th through February 8th with an opening reception November 9th from 5pm to 7pm.

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 Amy Hook-Therrien now of Windsor, VT graduated from Randolph Union High School in 2007. She went on to study art at The University of Maine in Orono. She graduated with a BFA focusing in painting & sculpture in 2011. She has been working with watercolors for the past 8 years.

 Amy is known for her birch tree watercolors, and dead beech leaves. “I always joke about being obsessed with dead beech leaves, it’s true. While walking in the winter to see that soft gold against the white landscape always makes me stop. The delicate leaves fiercely clinging to their branches as if to protest winter.”  She first uses pen to sketch in the darker details of the painting and then lays watercolor over top. The rigid lines of the pen allow her to be freer with her watercolor marks. Amy mixes her watercolor loosely allowing the color to separate slightly giving her paintings texture and life.


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