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Former Addicts Share What It’s Like To Get Clean

My Success Since Entering GROUPS

“I have gone from a car repo to now having three vehicles and a new bike. I was at the point of divorce and now I have a wife that is not only trusting of me, but better yet, is forgiving of the past. I have gone from those constant daily searches for “that high,” to now, where I no longer feel ill, and those searches don’t even cross my mind. I used to leave work to go find what I felt I “needed,” now I am on the eighth year at my current job. I went from my bank accounts always being at their last dollar to being able to have a savings account, which is constantly increasing. I am able to take family vacations now without any concerns of money or concerns of becoming ill due to being out of the area without access to drugs.
I, myself, feel so much more stable not having the constant up and downs of withdrawals. People in my life are once again trusting of the things that come out of my mouth. When I say I am going to do something, I do it. I get my work done and now my job doesn’t depend on if I feel okay or not that day.”
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“Since coming here, I have completed the steps to get my license back, found a stable job, and have been working my way up the ladder of success. I have been able to pay my car payments and insurance on time every month.

I am still working on budgeting money and having enough to pay all the bills every month, but who doesn’t worry about that stuff? My life is like a roller coaster; a lot more downs than ups, but I’m trying to make that change.

I’m realizing that it doesn’t take months, but years. So I need to be patient and remember that time will heal all. Plus, it can only get better from here, not worse. I won’t let it. I make rational decisions and can think much more clearly when being sober. Being on suboxone was a real life changer. I thank a higher power and this program for that every day.”

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“I have been here for about a year now. Since then, my life has changed a lot. I don’t wake up looking for drugs every day. I’m not trying to get high off the street. I’m not spending money on drugs every day now and I can actually save. I am on a steady dose that works for me. A year ago, when I started this program, I was buying everything off the street, using half my check or more.

Now, I also have a lot clearer mindset. I don’t have to suffer waking up sick every day. I don’t have to associate with the people I used to while I was using. I can actually save money for stuff that I want now because I don’t have to spend all my money just trying to get high. I’ve also not only been able to set goals, but also actually achieve them. I get up and go to work everyday and it feels so good. Throughout the day, I no longer have to suffer through cravings for other drugs and withdrawals. Now, when or if I have cravings, I can manage to get through them without having to use again.”

* * * * *

“Since I started treatment, I have become a lot more stable. I’m no longer putting myself in risky situations, trying to look for drugs everyday. I only take medication that had been prescribed to me by a doctor. I no longer have to spend every day looking for money to pay for my negative habit. I wake up early every morning now, without feeling sick. I finally have energy to do things and get out of the house everyday. I finally get to wake up every morning, looking forward to my day.”
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