What Is The TRORC?

The TRORC rejected the Norwich Town Plan in September. See TRORC Rejects Town Plan.  What is this organization and what does it do? 

TRORC stands for Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission. Neither the acronym or the full name is easy on the tongue, and in conversation the organization is referred to as Two Rivers or the Regional Commission. 

In essence, TRORC is the Planning Commission and the Planning Department for a 30 municipality region in east-central Vermont.

Source: TRORC website

Here is what the Board Members Handbook says about TRORC
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What is TRORC?
The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (Regional Commission) is a compact of thirty municipalities in east-central Vermont. It was founded in 1970 by the acts of its constituent towns and is a political subdivision of state government. The Regional Commission's programs are governed by representatives appointed by the Selectboard from each of its member towns. The Regional Commission exists to advocate for the needs of its members and to help bridge the opportunities and concerns that exist between towns and the State. The Regional Commission's primary purposes are to provide technical services to town officials, act as a resource for local governments, and to conduct regional planning and development activities.
Each member municipality has a representative on the Board governing the Regional Commission appointed by its Selectboard. There are also four at-large member seats.

More information, including regional planning resources, are available at www.trorc.org.

POSTED: 10.28.2018 

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