Love at First Bite
Ended November 03
November 03
Price:  Reservations recommended, not required. Entrance by donation. Net proceeds go to charities that support children.

What if a teenage vampire showed up in an ordinary high school, hoping to fit in like everyone else? What if he fell in love with his food? And what if he wasn’t the only kid in the school hiding a big secret?  When Drake Yula and his family move to a new town, he is desperate to hide the truth about who he is. Things start off well when he meets Lucy, the girl of his dreams. But his sweetheart’s mom is not only the school principal — she’s also a vampire hunter. Can Drake outwit Principal Stake and Lucy’s vengeful ex-boyfriend? Only with the help of new friends – like an exchange student named Frank N. Stein and Scrappy, the unusually hairy basketball player with a thing for howling at the moon. Reinforcing the message that it’s normal to be different, LOVE AT FIRST BITE is a monstrously good time.

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