Arlington Paving

I am now Complaining

Out of New Hampshire

The road work on Court st, Pine st and Jacob st has been one big Mess. The work started last year and has caused much complaint. Mind you Arlington Paving did not start the project but, is just now getting to the paving part of the job, while the rest of the project still remains undone. I did not like to complain so I did not, I was able to voice my opinion here and there and get valuable updates. I was most upset about the speed limit sign not being put up over the long Winter Months' and then as Summer approached a one-way sign was missed placed. Pine Street is not a One-Way Street.  In Vermont the speed limit is 50 mph unless otherwise posted, the speed limit here is 15 mph so you might see some of the safety issues I see. This horseshoe Street is a heavy trafficked area for Children, Animals and just people in general accessing the Lakes and Parks. I also had a serious fall this past Winter due to the lack of safety measures taken. Now the tail end of Winter has a choppy Paving job...I am not impressed at all....They were only remove from the dotted line NOT go up to the Garage Door and look they ripped the Grounding line right out of the ground and just left it there........Dangalangit....There is a long list of complains during this Project !


What a MESS 

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